The yearly EFIL tradition of training a new generation of trainers continues in 2014, with the event entitled “Diversity and Inclusion in Action”, organised in synergy with the Volunteer Summer Summit.

In order to prepare an attractive programme for the event participants, a team of 5 trainers got together from 20 till 23 of May 2014 in Brussels for an intense planning meeting. The content of the project includes not only the hands-on acquisition of trainer competences but also a strong thematic focus on promoting inclusive approaches within training and beyond. The event participants will also prepare their own training modules related to the theme, which will be then proposed to the participants of the Volunteer Summer Summit, taking place in parallel.

With 24 participants from all over Europe and 8 full working days of programme, the preparatory team has a big task ahead. Therefore their planning work is not limited to the 3-day preparatory meeting but continues throughout the weeks to come. During this period also the participants will get ready for the project, having received several preparatory assignments. This big effort put into the initiative from different sides will hopefully bring some noticeable attention for diversity and inclusion issues within AFS in the future.

The project is one of many EFIL events this year related to the theme of Diversity Education. It enjoys the support of the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission, as well as important hosting commitment of AFS Bosnia&Herzegovina.

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The Preparatory Team: Atanas Genkov (external), Alexandra Ruivo Cordeiro (AFS Portugal), Ole Oberste Berghaus (AFS Sweden), Anders Belling (AFS Netherlands), Izabela Jurczik-Arnold (EFIL)