In each edition of EFILife, we dedicate some space to partner news, including personnel changes as well as relevant events that have taken place over the past months.

From AFS Turkey (Turk Kultur Vakfı) comes the news that three new Board members have been elected: Ms. Asuman Gülsün Sop, Mr. Berkin Toplu and Ms. Serra Baykara.

Mete Fanuscu is succeeding Nükhet Onat in his new position as Partner Chair. Mete Fanuscu has been an active volunteer since he returned from his AFS exchange year in Arlington, Texas in 1985. He was the first volunteer from Turkey to go through EFIL’s “Trainer for the Trainers” programme and eventually helped setting the structured volunteer training programmes in Turkey.  He’s a former member of the EFIL Board of Directors.  He is currently serving his second term on the board for Turk Kultur Vakfı / TKV-AFS Turkey. AFS Turkey thanked the outgoing Board members Ms. Duygu Erkek and Ms. Elif Yarsuvat an Haluk Erengüç for their service on the board.


Mete Fanuscu, EFIL Board meeting June 210

AFS Portugal announces the following staff changes: Patricia São João, the Hosting Admissions Coordinator for the past two years, has decided to take on a new challenge in her professional career and has ended her collaboration with the office. Patricia will stay on as volunteer for AFS.  Catarina Sousa took over the position as the new Hosting Admissions Assistant.

There are three new staff members joining the team: Luís Batista, interim Support Coordinator who will step in for Eunice Neta during her maternity leave.  Luís will stay until the end of June 2015;  Catarina LealCommunications Assistant for a one-year internship; Cátia SantosProgramme Assistant.

AFS Germany has informed the network about the changes in the Fundraising department that has expanded to “Program Innovation and Strategic Alliances” (PISA). As a first priority, PISA will be developing innovative intensive programmes promoting intercultural and language learning. The team will be looking into different new programme options, such as new inbound programmes without host family placements, and will work on scaling up tested programmes like the Green Summer Schools. The team will of course continue to maintain and develop donor and business partner relations to the benefit of all current programmes, including newly developed programmes into their portfolio.

The director of the former fundraising team, Henni Weiser, has accepted to lead the new PISA department.

AFS Switzerland announces that Corinna Nkhoma, Sending Support Coordinator, will go on maternity leave. Irene Schaerer, who has been working in the office in various positions, will take over for the next half year.

And also in AFS Hungary the AFS family is expanding.  Katalin Kiss-Kovacs has started her maternity leave on 8 December.  Mónika Tóth is the new Sending Coordinator, and she has started working on 19 November.

And last but not least, AFS Austria bid farewell to Johanna Nemeth, who started her career as Partner Director for AFS Austria in 1991. Under her long and much appreciated leadership the organisation achieved great successes. Johanna’s last day in the office was 12 December.

Johanna Nemeth with Vincenzo Morlini at the HOO meeting in Vienna, 2011