In each edition of EFILife, we dedicate some space to partner news, including personnel changes as well as relevant events that have taken place over the past month.


AFS Switzerland has appointed a new National Director.  Luc Estapé has a personal intercultural background (Swiss-Swedish-Spanish), has 22 years of professional experience in management consulting, M&A, economic development consultancy in the former Soviet Union, industry, finance, business development and NPO management. For the last 10 years he has managed NPOs in Switzerland with a focus on economic development, P2P top management exchange platform and top management strategy formation.

Furthermore the office informs that Valerie Brockhaus, the Hosting Admission Coordinator, will be on maternity leave from 1 July 2015 until 31 December 2015. Tobias Giger will replace Valerie during her maternity leave.

AFS Croatia informs that Dubravka Filipec will start working as the new Programme/National Director as of 1 September and will fully take over as of 1 October.

AFS Turkey informs the network about the following staff changes: Ömer Ongun became the new Training Coordinator. Ömer has been volunteering since his return from KL-YES Programmes in 2004. Ömer is a member of the EFIL Pool of Trainers and EFIL’s Training and Intercultural Learning Advisory Body (TICLAB). Ömer has a BA in Business Administration from Bogazici University and a Master degree from the Galatasaray University on Intercultural Communication. Ömer is the founder of the social entrepreneurship on Intercultural Communication for youth initiatives.

Nesrin Kaçan is the new staff member responsible for school relations. Nesrin has been volunteering since her return from her AFS exchange in 1982 and has carried out a variety of volunteering responsibilities including being host family and EVA Women Exchange Participant. Nesrin graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Letters (American Culture and Literature) in 1988. She is currently the Head of the English Department & International Coordinator at ALEV Schools in Istanbul.  Nesrin will be working on a part time basis.

Yonca Göktaş Çaylak became the new Ankara Regional Coordinator. Yonca received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Başkent University – Ankara in 2003. Yonca’s responsibilities in her previous work were marketing and event organisation. Her most recent experience was the organisation of the 2014 Gallipoli Concert, Exhibition and Reception for the Australian Embassy.

AFS Tunisia is pleased to welcome a new Programme Coordinator since 1 June 2015. Ms. Faten Ayari is 27 and is a graduate of the “Institut Supérieur des Langues de Tunis” with a professional Master’s degree in English communication. She will be in charge of coordinating the hosting and sending programmes.