The European Pool of Trainers (EPOT), established in 2002, is the common training resource for all EFIL members. This is where preparatory teams for EFIL seminars are recruited and this is where European AFS organisations can find trainers for their national events in the frame of the Traveling Trainers scheme. EPOT membership gives a unique chance to gain new skills, travel, get to know different training contexts (also outside AFS) and have an impact on the European training reality.

Traditionally, following the full Pool refreshment last spring, there is a chance for the latecomers to join also 6 and 12 months later. In the recent replenishment we welcomed 31 new trainers representing 13 organisations. Several of them are “graduates” of the recent EFIL Training for Trainers in Ireland – a great outcome of this project!

The current EPOT counts as many as 133 people and we are happy to see that EFIL training events and Travelling Trainer trips enjoy now increasingly diverse and relevant trainer interest. Next opportunity to join the Pool coming up in 6 months!

For more information about the EPOT, contact Iza at [email protected].