This is a call to all member offices of EFIL and all AFS volunteers to fill in this questionnaire:

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT?: The EU is asking young people about how they feel about political participation: Why are young people not voting? How do you want to receive information? How can we increase trust in politics? The answers to all these questions will be turned into a council resolution in 2015.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT?: Because EFIL is one of the few international organisations that are part of an actual policy making process on behalf of young people, and we need substantial answers to keep this position. There are only 9 international delegates out of 150 at the EU Youth Conference, and we are hoping to increase this number, but this is only possible if we show that we add an important international perspective.

WHEN: Please fill this in by Sunday 15th February 2015.

WHO: This questionnaire should be spread far and wide within AFS organisations in the EU, so those EFIL member countries get to contribute their voice.

(See article about the EU Youth Conference for more information)

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For further information, please contact [email protected]