The KA2 Erasmus+ project ‘INTERCULTURAL TRAINing Teachers and Pupils on the Move’ kicked off in October and started with changing name to ‘Intercultural Learning for pupils and teachers’.



The kick off meeting was hosted by Fondazione Intercultura in Colle Val d’Elsa (Italy) just after the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange. This gave the chance to all the project partners to attend the Forum and include its precious outcomes in the discussions related to the deliverables foreseen in the project. Also, associated partners such as the European Association of History Educators- EUROCLIO, the European Association of Teachers- AEDE, AFS Turkey and AFS Belgium Flanders who attended the Forum had the opportunity to get acquainted with the project and provide their contribution to it.

The great group of project partners representatives got to know each other and started working right away of the project’s outputs. In particular, preparations have started for drafting the programme of a 3 day training for teachersthat would first aim at developing their own intercultural competences, and then enable them to apply intercultural learning across the student’s curriculum and across all subject. The first pilot, namely a training for multipliers, will take place on 28 August to 1 September 2017 in Berlin. Furthermore, partners have agreed to develop a toolbox with pedagogical methods, guidelines and activities and links to existing resources to be used by teachers to include intercultural learning in the classroom. Thanks to the expertise and willingness of all partners, the project’s aims at a wide outreach and impact. We find it is a real asset to have teachers, the European School Heads Association and the Franco-German Youth Office in the partnership, adding up to the experience of the AFS partners!


The next partnership meeting will be hosted by Lycee Faure and AFS France in Tournon-sur-Rhône, France, on 12-13 June 2017.

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