The Erasmus+ funded project Intercultural Learning for Pupils and Teachers has entered its second year with the third meeting of the project partners which took place at Fondazione Intercultura’s headquarters in Colle di Val d’Elsa on 5-7 November.

The meeting was attached to the 8th Forum on Intercultural learning and exchange in order to reflect on its outcomes which are closely related to one of the topics of the project, namely teacher training on intercultural learning.

At the meeting partners reviewed the outputs, namely the training for teachers and the toolbox of intercultural learning activities, and looked at the plans for piloting these outputs at local level in the upcoming months. With these efforts, project partners plan to reach at least 200 teachers and 2000 pupils. Outreach is also going beyond Europe: we are glad that thanks to the close cooperation with AFS International, the project was presented in a webinar during the International Education Week.

The reports of the piloting will be collected at the beginning of April and the precious feedback will inform the revision of the outputs.

In the meantime, in the first months of 2018 the website of the project will be improved to better the users’ experience, and two studies will be drafted: one on how intercultural learning is included in teacher initial education and in-service training, and one on how intercultural learning is part of upper secondary school curricula, including through the promotion and academic recognition of individual pupil’s mobility.

The studies will provide a general overview of the situation in EU countries, and then focus on the 4 countries where project partners mainly operate, namely France, Germany, Belgium and Italy.

On the basis of the outcomes of these studies, policy recommendations will be drafted and will be presented in Spring 2018 to the Ministries of Education in the countries involved in the project.

We are looking forward to a fruitful 2018 where the project will accomplish its objectives and contribute to advancing the promotion of intercultural learning within the upper secondary school systems in Europe.

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