Goodbye old EPOT, welcome new EPOT! 

Trainers 2016_2

As every two years, EFIL has welcomed the spring time with the full replenishment of the European Pool of Trainers – the EPOT.

First of all, we wish to thank the old EPOT for their hard work, dedication and positivity they have had, making numerous EFIL trainings and events possible thanks to them.

And secondly, we would like to welcome the new and refreshed EPOT 2017-2018!

It will consist of as many as 102 people, out of which about one third are new in the Pool.  Congratulations to all of them for expressing commitment to share their skills and knowledge not only inside their national organisations but also for other AFS partners. The Travelling Trainers scheme, as well as numerous EFIL international trainings will give them many opportunities to get active.

Some facts about the refreshed EPOT:

  • the members represent 23 EFIL Member Organisations,
  • the youngest trainer is 18, the oldest 63 years old!
  • the group includes all levels of experience – from volunteers only starting the training adventure, to very advanced volunteer trainers and a few AFS staff members,
  • combined the members speak /understand 29 different European and non-European languages!

For those trainers who didn’t manage to meet the deadline but still are potentially interested, there will be more chances coming up to apply for EPOT membership. In about 6 and in 12 months EFIL will announce an opportunity to nominate additional candidates so don’t miss the next chance!


More info: [email protected] and [email protected]

Photo by Mira Wold for EFIL