Gala 60 years of AFS Portugal


In 1956, the first group of Portuguese AFSers left Lisbon to what would be the beginning of an unforgettable journey for themselves, but also to the thousands of people who joined the AFS path from then on.

Saturday 18 June was the day to celebrate the birth year of AFS Portugal and everyone who is and has been part of it, the founders, the volunteers, the staff members and the families, who are not only part of AFS Portugal but also part of the AFS global network. These are the people who have helped AFS in Portugal grow to the great organisation it is today, and who will help AFS Portugal to reach more people each year with great commitment and enthusiasm.

AFS Portugal hosted a Gala Dinner to celebrate its 60th anniversary, right after the EFIL Heads of Office retreat. The European Directors attending the HOO retreat were all invited. The Gala Dinner took place on board of the Opera Ship which took the guests on a memorable ride along the Tagus River with great views of Lisbon.

Over the years, AFS Portugal has been a very active member of EFIL. In 2007 AFS Portugal hosted EFIL’s General Assembly. In 2010 AFS Portugal played a prominent role in EFIL’s EU-sponsored EurAfrican Partnership for Change project. In 2011 the EFIL Volunteer Summer Summit, the largest annual volunteer event in the AFS network, came to the beautiful Algarve in Portugal. And in 2016, the EFIL members met in Lisbon for a Heads of Office Retreat (see elsewhere in this edition of EFILife).

EFIL congratulates AFS Portugal on its 60th anniversary!