During this year’s European Youth Forum’s Council of Members it was time for elections for the Advisory Council on Youth (AC). The Advisory Council is the non-governmental part of co-management structure within the Council of Europe, which brings together youth representatives and government youth departments. Through this structure, called co-management, youth representatives provide opinions and input on all youth sector activities. The AC also ensures that young people are involved in other activities of the Council of Europe.

The AC is composed of 30 youth NGOs and networks, 20 of which the Youth Forum can nominate: 7 from national youth councils and 13 from international non-governmental youth organisations. To learn more about the Advisory Council, see more here.

After an intense few days of networking with member organisations, we are happy to announce that EFIL’s candidate, Charlotte Klinting from AFS Denmark, was elected for the Advisory Council on Youth and will start her two-year mandate in January 2016. EFIL has not been in the AC for at least 10 years and we are seeing this election outcome as a great result in the field of advocacy and a starting point for increased visibility and action in the field of intercultural dialogue, which is the main core value of the Council of Europe. Therefore, EFIL is looking forward to contribute to the implementation of the AC priorities in the next mandate:

  1. Advancing democratic citizenship through innovative forms of participation
  2. Autonomy of young people and their access to rights
  3. Promoting inclusive and peaceful societies

Also Jan Husák, Board member of AFS Czech Republic, was elected as member of the AC on behalf of the Czech National Youth Council: it is great to see concretely that the engagement of AFS at national level results in a stronger voice at European level in defense of our values. Jan is not the only one with this kind of story: in the current AC mandate Eliza Popper from AFS Hungary has been nominated as representative of the National Youth Council of Hungary.

Charlotte at COMEM

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