Following the recurring bi-annual calendar, the upcoming EFIL Governance and Leadership Seminar will take place in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, 24-28 August 2016.

The seminar will focus on the specific AFS board context, the skills needed to lead a volunteer network and the role of an AFS board member. Among the specific contents to be tackled in this edition strategic planning and leadership, external relations and advocacy for boards can be mentioned.

The objectives of the event are to:

  • provide participants with a general overview of EFIL’s and AFS International’s work, and how national boards relate to it;
  • discuss and share different approaches to governance and board structures in AFS organisations;
  • address concrete challenges faced by AFS boards (e.g. strategic planning, connecting to constituency, external relations);
  • explore practical skills and tools necessary for AFS board members;
  • provide space for networking and peer exchange between board members from different countries.

The seminar preparatory team includes: Dulio Santos – Board Chair of AFS POR, Lucas Welter – AFS INT Chief Organization Development Officer,  Ulrik Wehner – Partner Director of AFS Denmark and Izabela Jurczik-Arnold – Senior Training & Project Coordinator of EFIL.

It is hoped that the meeting will attract both European and other AFS board members. The seminar will attempt to provide tailor-made service and address the expectations of both newly elected and more experienced board members (e.g. through optional and parallel sessions, Open Space etc.), including those who attended induction and governance seminars in the past. Newly elected people, board members with no prior international experience and from organisations facing challenges at the moment, are particularly encouraged to apply.

More details and the registration form have been shared with all AFS Board Chairs and National Directors and the deadline to register is on 3 June 2016.

For any further questions please approach: [email protected]