The EFIL Board met in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday 28 May, the day after EFIL’s biennial General Assembly closed. It was the Board’s second in-person meeting of 2017, the first in its new composition.

The mandates for the EFIL Board 2017/2018 were decided as follows:  Katya Bagdasarova and Bart van Doveren prolong their mandates as respectively the Chair and the Treasurer of the Board, Andrea Franzoi takes up the role of Deputy-Chair, while newcomer Anni Siltanen is the new Secretary of the Board (see also elsewhere in EFILife).

The Chair welcomed the new Board members, Anni Siltanen and Bjarke Rix Rasmussen, and thanked outgoing Board members Jatta Erlund and Philipp Wagner for their excellent services on the EFIL Board and their much appreciated contributions to the Board’s work and discussions for respectively three and six years.

Daniel Obst, President and CEO of AFS International, joined the EFIL Board during the morning session for a discussion on several items of interest: decentralisation or ‘distributed leadership’ in the AFS global network, advocacy in the global AFS network, solidarity initiatives, new partner development, and working with external partners.

The third and last EFIL Board meeting of 2017 will take place in Brussels (27-29 October). The agenda will focus on the main follow-up items of the General Assembly.

For March 2018, the Board has received a kind invitation to come to Stockholm, Sweden, to hold its first meeting of next year alongside the anniversary celebrations of AFS Sweden.