EFIL Biennial Report 2015-2016 available

5. Cover Biennial Report 2015-2016


At the General Assembly in Prague, Czech Republic, the report of EFIL’s activities in 2015-2016 was presented. The 28 pages colourful booklet “EFIL Biennial Report 2015-2016” can be downloaded from the EFIL website.  The document presents an overview of EFIL’s governance meetings, advocacy activities, successes in new partner development, projects and programmes (incl. annual flagship projects Volunteer Summer Summit, Intercultural Dialogue Day, European Citizenship Trimester Programme, Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange, plus others), training events and seminars, publications, and people resources of the past two years.


Just a reminder: in 2011, on the occasion of EFIL’s 40th anniversary, a booklet was published, walking you through 40 years of history, from the early beginnings and informal meetings in the 1960s, over the 1970s when AFS Europa became EFIL and intercultural learning was put on the table, the widening focus and expanded tasks of the Federation in the 1980s, a decade of challenges in the 1990s, to today’s EFIL with a strong membership and stable secretariat and board, enjoying increased visibility and credibility. The 16-page booklet “40 years of EFIL – 1971-2011” can also be downloaded from our website.