The EPOR Lukas Findeisen(AFS Germany) represented EFIL at the Civic Education conference in Hammamet, Tunisia.

After the civic education conference 2013 in Alexandria, on 13-15 May the second “Civic education conference” of the Goethe Institute took place. At the first conference three years ago a list of 60 recommendations had been drafted to support and guide the development of civic education. This second conference aimed to reflect on the last two years  and the current state of civic education in the MENA region and in addition to develop a follow-up plan to strengthen the civic education in the post-revolutionary Arab countries. For this purpose, the conference gathered expert from all fields of education from 31 countries to discuss. From the perspective of four workshops – rule of law, education for engagement, equality and diversity, arts and culture – different aspects were analysed and ideas exchanged. During breaks there were a lot of opportunities for enriching conversations and networking.

As an outcome a new list of 40 recommendations has been published which can be found on the website of the civic education conference:

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