Although words ‘culture’ and ‘intercultural learning’ are omnipresent in the EFIL and AFS circles, there are still some variations of definitions and references used. A set of key concepts on the EFIL website explain now the background behind EFIL’s approach.

The concept of culture (largely based on Adrian Holliday) stresses its dynamic and complex character; the multiple sense of belonging and identity. This goes hand in hand with the broad understanding of ‘intercultural situations’ which can be encountered in our daily lives. Some space is also dedicated to explaining intercultural competence and its assessment, and to the process of intercultural learning.

The thinking behind some of these concepts will be further explored in the months to come, in the context of EFIL’s 2018 thematic focus on “21st century Intercultural Learning”. More information about the Expert Meeting planned for January and about development of a new online Intercultural Learning course coming up very soon!

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