In the last week of October, the AFS network met for its 2016 AFS World Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  EFIL was represented by its Secretary-General, Paul Claes.  EFIL Board members Philipp Wagner and Andrea Franzoi were present, though in a different capacity.

In Rio, delegates from more than 40 AFS organisations world wide identified 5 key recommendations to help shape the future of AFS in the key-areas of advocacy & visibility, education & programmes, innovation, volunteering, and active global citizenship.  These recommendations will be presented to the AFS Board of Trustees and will be developed into network-wide strategies.

At the World Congress, the network welcomed Vishakha Desai as the new Chair of the Board of Trustees, and Daniel Obst, as the new President and CEO of AFS Intercultural Programs (for an interview with Daniel Obst, see here in this edition of EFILife). The network thanked out-going President Vincenzo Morlini for five years of outstanding service.

The AFS global leadership will meet again for the 2017 AFS Network Meeting in Ghana.

Photo: ©EFIL