The 3rd meeting of the Africa-Europe Youth platform took place January 28th – February 1st 2015 in Nairobi, in the framework of the 6th African University on Youth and Development (hosted by the Network of International Youth Organisations in Africa). The meeting was chaired by the Pan African Youth Union. The overall objectives were to follow-up on the 3rd EU-Africa Youth Leaders’ Summit, which EFIL attended in March 2014, and the Africa-Europe Youth Co-operation beyond 2015. The EPOR Charlotte Klinting (AFS Denmark) attended on behalf of EFIL.

The platform is a way to foster youth cooperation between African and European organisations, and EFIL’s presence is particularly relevant when it comes to our partnerships with AFS organisations in Africa and our priorities of mobility and intercultural learning.

The platform committed to further expanding the training courses offered within the framework; develop a communication and resource tool; and seek more funding opportunities for long-term projects; as well as increase its role as a framework for lobbying among relevant stakeholders.


Charlotte Klinting – AFS Denmark – European Pool of Representatives

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