ACTIVE – Active Citizenship Tools in Various Environments – is a project funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and aims at providing tools to include active citizenship content in AFS exchange programmes.

ACTIVE logo final

The project team has been working since January and met in El Masnou near Barcelona, Spain, on 29-31 May to finalise the tools on the basis of the feedback received through the piloting in April and May. These first tools target volunteers to raise awareness on how active citizenship can be conveyed in orientations and during exchange programmes.

ACTIVE for volunteers include:

  • A video on AFS, its link with active citizenship and how to include this topic in our programmes: . Watch the video share it on social media and show it to other volunteers!
  • A Facebook group ‘ACTIVE volunteers’ to create a community of volunteers interested in the ACTIVE project. Join the group and invite other volunteers!
  • A Manual of activities that will be released online in mid-July.
  • A workshop at the EFIL’s Volunteer Summer Summit in August.
  • A series of webinars that will take place in October where the project team will give hints on how to use the tools and answer questions.

ACTIVE does not only aim at providing tools for volunteers but also aims at giving visibility to how AFS as an organisation provides the skills for active citizenship. At the Volunteer Summer Summit in August, the project team will launch AFS ACTIVE CITIZENS: a video showing stories of AFSers that are active citizens in different ways in their everyday lives, the Facebook page, the #afsactivecitizens on twitter and the updated website

Stay tuned, stay ACTIVE!

For more information: [email protected]


ACTIVE Project team meeting in El Masnou. From left to right: Marin Bjort Valtysdottir (EFIL/AFS Iceland), Elisa Briga (EFIL), Josh Fitoussi (AFS France), Hilal Gercek (AFS Turkey), Maria Fanlo (AFS Spain) and…Nala in the centre!