Elections for the EFIL Board took place in Prague during EFIL’s biennial General Assembly, and the following nominees were voted on the EFIL Board by the General Assembly: Ekaterina (Katya) Bagdasarova from Russia (for a third term), Bart van Doveren from Belgium Flanders (for a fourth term),  and Anni Siltanen from Finland (for a first term) will all serve for two years, while Bjarke Rix Rasmussen (from Denmark) will fill the one year mandate that had become available after Jatta Erlund’s early resignation from the Board.

The new EFIL Board met in Prague on Sunday 28 May, right after the General Assembly, and the mandates for 2017/2018 were decided as follows:  Katya Bagdasarova and Bart van Doveren will prolong their mandates as respectively the Chair and the Treasurer of the Board, Andrea Franzoi will take up the role of Deputy-Chair, while newcomer Anni Siltanen will be the Secretary of the Board.

The EFIL Board consists of seven members, serving two-year terms (renewable), and meeting at least three times per year in person.  Current Board members are the four Directors holding mandates as indicated above, plus Sabine Siegrist from Switzerland, Sinemis Candemir from Turkey and newcomer Bjarke Rix Rasmussen from Denmark.

During EFIL’s General Assembly, a new Election Committee was appointed. Caroline Steyaert (Belgium Flanders) will continue serving on the Committee, supported by Paul Steiner (Germany) and Milan Kusmuk from  AFS in Bosnia and Hercegovina, one of the eight new members of EFIL (see elsewhere in this edition of EFILife).

The Board of EFIL, with Secretary-General Paul Claes and AFS President and CEO Daniel Obst