European Federation for Intercultural Learning (EFIL) contributes to Europe’s future by providing intercultural education, European citizenship and the active participation of European citizens in the continent’s life. The European Union and the Council of Europe are EFIL’s core Partners for European fundraising, policy-setting and sharing.

EFIL Volunteers Summer Summit 2017: Hellishólar, Iceland

The theme of the Volunteer Summer Summit this year is “Equal Opportunities.” The Preparatory Team, the Support Team and the Trainers Team made up of volunteer from around Europe are already working hard to make this a great event.

Registrations are open until 1 May 2017.

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We provide extraordinary intercultural learning opportunities

  1. EFILadvocacy


    Engage in overall advocacy of Intercultural Learning on the European level and lobby to remove structural obstacles to youth exchanges, meanwhile confirming and strengthening EFIL’s position as a key player in providing Intercultural Learning opportunities and ensuring EFIL’s involvement in strategic alliances of interest to the AFS core business.
  2. EFILvoice


    Communicate EFIL related issues internally and through external communication channels to stakeholders, in order to inform, engage and inspire internal and external audiences about EFIL’s work and mission. Share and spread knowledge and expertise about Intercultural Learning and mobility in the network.
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    About EFIL

    The European Federation for Intercultural Learning: the federation of AFS organisations in Europe.
  1. prog

    Projects & Programmes

    Offer attractive projects and programmes that foster European identity and intercultural understanding, this way supporting Member Organisations to grow with quality through empowering their volunteer networks, increasing their visibility and/or help them grow their sending/hosting number
  2. academy


    Support Member Organisations in gaining knowledge and developing skills and intercultural competences, by offering training opportunities for their volunteers and staff, so that they will be better equipped to grow with quality, and be empowered to operate within the AFS and European environment.
  3. EFILexpand


    Enlarge the Federation by developing new partner representations in European countries where there is no current presence of EFIL/AFS, with focus on the European Union.

2017 is EFIL’s year of Inclusion

In 2017 EFIL will focus on the topic of ‘Inclusive intercultural learning: exchange organisations contributing to equal opportunities for young people’. Throughout the year numerous activities will take place around Europe focusing on different aspect of inclusion.


Discover our Activites

Throughout the year EFIL organises meetings, trainings, seminars and more for staff and volunteers of AFS organisations in the EFIL network.

#RecogniseStudyAbroad Campaign

The objective of the campaign #RecogniseStudyAbroad is to raise awareness among policy-makers and educational stakeholders about the lack of recognition of long-term pupil exchanges.

Visit the campaign website

Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange

Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange ‘The intercultural training of teachers: from theory to practice’ will take place 2-5 November in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Italy.

The 8th edition of the Forum will gather about 60 experts and practitioners on the topic of intercultural training of teachers, its links with the assessment of global competency in 2018 and the need for commitment of the school leadership to ensure ICL is included in the school life.

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