As a member-based organisation working in the field of intercultural learning, EFIL envisions communication with the Member Organisations and volunteers in countries throughout Europe as a vital means of strengthening the network.

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Biennial Report 2019/2020

Our Biennial Report is published in odd years and covers the previous two years. It lists and describes all the EFIL events during this time, as well as mayor changes in the Network and in EFILs structure or directions.

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Publication we have contributed to


Study on the Social Value of Youth Organisations

Published by the European Youth Forum (2016)


Inspiring! Youth Organisations Contributions to Citizenship Education

Published by the European Youth Forum (2016)


Recognition of school study periods abroad in Europe - an overview and policy recommendations

Edited by Elisa Briga

Volum 7

The history of youth work - Volume 7

Published by the Council of Europe (2020)


Explore our history

For EFIL’s 40th anniversary, a booklet has been published, walking you through 40 years of history, from the early beginnings and informal meetings in the 1960s, over the 1970s when AFS Europa became EFIL and intercultural learning was put on the table, the widening focus and expanded tasks of the Federation in the 1980s, a decade of challenges in the 1990s, to today’s EFIL with a strong membership and stable secretariat and board, enjoying increased visibility and credibility.


Educational Publications

EFIL has made several Publications over the past years. Among those are many reports, booklets, pictures and much more. Here you can find Educational Publications. For specific reports contact the EFIL secretariat.

Mobility Report

A study on mobility of secondary school pupils and recognition of study periods spent abroad. Edited by Roberto Ruffino & Elisabeth Hardt


Promoting Citizenship in Europe

Written and compiled by Luis Arnaut, Arjen Bos and Alessio Surian.
Project supported by the European Commission.


Blue Book

This publication is meant to provide you with insights on what is possible for AFS within the foundation world and to help you to identify foundation(s) that can potentially support your activities.


Purple Book

The new issue of our “Purple Book” will be a guide through the labyrinth of European funding opportunities. Whenever you wish to train your volunteers or organise an international chapters exchange, or when you intend to plan a study visit or send your staff member to another organisation for the exchange of experience, you should explore these pages!


Promoting and Developing Volunteering

Handbook ”Promoting and Developing Volunteering” produced by EFIL with the help of the Council of Europe. Compiled by Sara Borgiattino.