In cooperation with its member organisations, EFIL initiates and implements a number of pan-European projects every year. Their focus lay on various facets of Intercultural Learning: promotion, development of tools and materials, exchange of knowledge and experiences among the European members and between the European and world-wide AFS organisations. Moreover, the projects aim to contribute to the individual mobility of young people, to analyse the impact of intercultural experiences and to build a common and credible identity of AFS in Europe.

To find out more about individual mobility programmes run by EFIL’s Member Organisations, please see the websites of AFS organisations in different countries


The PEACE Project and Global Citizenship

Peace in Europe and Asia through global Citizenship Education

The project is sponsored by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme. The goal of the project is to design the framework for a new sustainable three-month secondary school exchange programme similar to the intra-European “European Citizenship Trimester Programme” (ECTP) which EFIL has been running successfully each year since it was launched in 2009.  In the PEACE programme exchanges will take place between Asia and Europe, with end-of-stay camps on global citizenship in Europe and in Asia. The target group will be secondary school students between 15-18 years old.

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VSS group

Our biggest Volunteers event of the year

Volunteer Summer Summit

The VSS gathers volunteers from across Europe and beyond for an annual training event organised by volunteers. The event focuses on a different topic each year but always includes sharing of best practices, high-quality workshops, a community project and new friendships.

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Exploring cooperation with schools

Expanding Learning Mobility through inclusion and cooperation

“Expanding Learning Mobility through inclusion and cooperation” is an EFIL-coordinated large scale project involving AFS and school partners from France, Latvia, Spain and Belgium. Its key focus is to explore cooperation framework between schools and civil society organisations within Erasmus+, geared in particular towards including underprivileged pupils in individual long-term mobility.

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Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange

Following the Berlin Conference ‘Moving Beyond Mobility’ in 2008, AFS Italy, Fondazione Intercultura, EFIL and AFS Intercultural Programs organize the Forum on Intercultural Learning and Exchange. Participation to the Forum is by invitation only and gathers about 60 participants among school exchange experts, both researchers and practitioners. The 2020 edition will focus on  ‘The Values of living together: how to assess their evolution within intercultural student exchanges’.

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Active Citizenship and Changemaking in Europe

European Citizenship Trimester Programme

EFIL runs since 2009 the European Citizenship Trimester Programme (ECTP), an host-family and school-based exchange programme which provides an immersion in another culture for 3 months focusing on intercultural learning with an additional strong focus on active European citizenship. At the end of the exchange experience, just before coming back to their home country, all participants meet at the ECTP Camp in Brussels to share their experience, attend workshops and visit the EU in stitutions.

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Activities and events by grassroots volunteers

Intercultural Dialogue Day

On the Intercultural Dialogue Day (in 2017 on the 28 September) local AFS volunteers organise public events to promote intercultural dialogue through youth exchanges, volunteering, and active citizenship.

AFS volunteers at local level are encouraged to take bottom-up initiative and organise events of various scale to reach externals in communities around them.

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