EFIL takes part to the EU structured dialogue with young people to:

  • ensure that the opinion of EFIL and its volunteers  is taken into account in defining youth-related policies of the European Union.
  • offer AFS volunteers the opportunity of being active European Citizens and voice their opinions on relevant EU policies that have a direct impact on them as young people and the work of their organisation.

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Here you can learn more about the process and how it works

If you want to know more about EFIL’s role in the previous consultations you can check the pages of the 3rd cycle and 4th cycle of consultations.

You still have questions? write to the EFIL’s Structured dialogue team at [email protected]

How it works

Here you will get to know the answer to:  

What is the Structured Dialogue with young people? Why a structured dialogue for young people and what for? Who is responsible for implementing the structured dialogue? How does it work in practice?

All you need to know

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Have questions or want to know more? EFIL has a team of three people who are happy to answer all your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact the EU Structured Dialogue with Young People EFIL Team at [email protected]

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