TE(I)ST the Balkans is a projet that was initiated by EFIL. EFIL’s members are AFS organisations that are involved in long-term intercultural exchanges. Our partner organisations in the Balkans are rather young organisations that are struggling to attract young Europeans to go on an intercultural exchange in the Balkans.

Due to these struggles EFIL has assessed the reasons for this lack of interest and found out that still many people in Europe connect Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia with the 90’s war.

To overcome this connection EFIL with funding of the Council of Europe has initiated this project to create educational materials to promote the Balkans culture. The TE(I)ST the Balkans box gives information about Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia, tests the knowledge about these countries and offers opportunities to experience the cultures of these countries with all five senses.

Using the TE(i)ST box

All AFS organisations in Europe received a TE(I)ST box. However, all the materials can be downloaded on this page so don’t worry if you don’t have the “official” box.

TE(I)ST Materials